Open letter to Peach Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an open-source project that has transformed countless lives. This letter expresses my opinion on Peach Bitcoin being a closed source despite offering an outstanding peer-to-peer product. Find the original tweet here.

Dear Peach,

This open letter comes out of love because, as one Peacher said:

“Hate doesn’t create. Only love can create.”

Peach has created a tremendous and approachable gateway into the vast world of buying and selling Bitcoin peer-to-peer and non-kyc.

Peach’s mission to be the fastest way to acquire non-kyc Bitcoin and establish peer-to-peer as the standard is undoubtedly on track when we look at your market traction.

I recommend the tool to peers around me who want to get into Bitcoin without too much friction. This frictionless service is possible thanks to your dedicated team that continuously ships features.

Peach was born from the minds of Bitcoin Maximalists who have likely had their lives transformed by the open protocol.

Bitcoin and the tools that make peer-to-peer possible are open-source solutions that contribute to the individuals’ (endangered) freedom.

These open solutions enable companies, communities and individuals to follow the simple yet essential principle: Don’t trust, verify.

What’s stopping Peach from being open-source and becoming an inspiring beacon of truth in the future world on a Bitcoin standard ? You already have the market advantage because no one knows Peach better than its creators.

Provided your source code follows your values, you will only get more traction and respect from the future network while getting closer to Bitcoin’s foundational values.

The future is on a Bitcoin standard but does Peach want to build for the future and the values implied by such standard?

The future is open and honest because companies like Peach will solidify the foundations Bitcoin laid down for the new world.

Make Bitcoin and the values it carries the standard.

Stay awesome,


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